IDK What to Say: Content That Gets Parents To Take Action

Have you ever sat down to work on promoting your services and thought: “I don't know what to say”?

Or maybe you've heard some flavor of the following advice...

"Post 5 times a day!"
"Dance in reels!"
"Share how-to content!" 

Blah, blah, blah....

What many experts won't tell you is WHAT to say in your content that actually gets your audience to take action. 

Here's what I see with a lot of tutors:

You've been posting content, but parents aren't engaging. 
😔 You find yourself staring at a screen and not knowing what to say in your content.
😔 Parents book a call with you, but end up not hiring you as their tutor. 
😔 You have a tutoring offer that you just KNEW families would jump on, but...they're not.
😔 You're not making the money you'd like to make in your tutoring business or your revenue has plateaued.

In this workshop, I'll be sharing my secrets on how to use the power of magnetic language to effectively communicate why parents should work with you. 

Companies spend MILLIONS on having magnetic marketing and in this workshop, you'll gain new found clarity on HOW to talk about your tutoring services. 

If you're ready to connect with the families that need your services and help them choose you as their tutor, this training is for you.

Here's a peek at the itinerary for this masterclass:
✅ 1.5 Hour instruction with Jenn
✅  Learn how to create copy (words) that get parents to take action 
✅ Tap into buyer psychology to ETHICALLY help families realize you're the tutor for them
✅ Create your own 4 month content plan that takes your parents from curious to serious 

Ready to create copy that motivates your Dream Parents to engage with your content & book you as their tutor? Of course, you are!

What are you waiting for? Let's dive in! 

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