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Summer Camp Success

Our summer camp earned thousands in a few days 🤯⁣

And the wildest part is I didn't think it would be worth my time.  Let me know if you can relate:

❌ “We're in a pandemic! Parents don't want this.”

❌“I don't have enough followers to host a summer camp.” 

❌“What do I even do during a camp? I've never done this before.” 

I had all of these thoughts (and more), but then something happened. I decided to TRY ANYWAY and well… from the opening line, you already know how it turned out 😉 and I want to see the same happen for you. 

The Booked Tutor

Ready to build magnetic messaging and marketing to secure your next tutee? Of course, you are!

IDK What to Say: Content That Gets Parents To Take Action

Are you ready to create copy that motivates your dream parents to engage with your content and book you as their tutor? Of course, you are!

Let's dive in! 

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